Metamorphosis explores mankind's fragile existence in the face of the limitless forces of nature. The film moves between scenes of stormy chaotic landscapes to snow filled interiors, from frozen glacial landscapes to violent angry seas. It depicts a world in a perpetual state of transformation and motion, and ultimately chaos.

Metamorphosis explores the extremities of a frozen, glacial world and the power of violent rising seas. The film opens up in a stormy, empty cityscape whose streets are absent of its inhabitants. The storm leads us into snow filled interiors, with only flashes of its former inhabitants to suggest a human presence but not leading to any definitive conclusions as to their fate. Snow falls through empty deserted rooms; a table set for dinner is left untouched under a blanket of falling snow; a man sits transfixed in front of a TV, the camera flashing bringing the image in and out of blackness suggesting he is perhaps only a memory of a former time. From the silence of these rooms which nature has claimed back, we are led outside to a stark frozen world. Ice permeates every frame. Glaciers fade info cascading frozen water. In the final part of the film violent angry seas and rising tides see the metamorphosis complete.


16mm anamorphic film transferred to DVD with 5.1 surround sound.
Edition of 10
9 minutes

Director: Clare Langan
Producers: Catherine Magee / Melanie Gore Grimes
Cinematography: Robbie Ryan / Clare Langan
Composer: Jurgen Simpson
Performers: Tony Kenny; Katharine Lamb; Siofra Lamb
Editing: Clare Langan/ Isobel Stephenson