And in the silence came…

And in the Silence Came… Is a collaboration with composer Dora Tomic which was made during the Masterclass with the father of sound scaping , Bernie Krause at Stiftung Nantesbuch Center for Art and Nature Munich. The film captures the sounds of the seen and unseen animals and insects at Stiftung Nantesbuch, where a programme of rewilding has been taking place. Bernie Krause has been recording the sounds of animals and insects worldwide for over 60 years, many of which are now extinct. The film is a meditation on the importance of rewilding and the threat of animal and insect extinction without drastic action.

Director – Clare Langan
Music Composition and Sound Design – Dora Tomic
Cinematography and Editing – Clare Langan

This film was conceived while participating in Soundscape Masterclass with Bernie Krause  a cooperation between Stiftung Nantesbuch and Biotopia, May 2019.

Dr. Henrik Brumm
Andreas Baumüller
Tom Hull
Clare Langan
Rico Reitz
Prof. Michael Scherer-Lorenzen
Dora Tomic

Prof. Michael Gorman
Colleen Schmitz
Stiftung Nantesbuch
Dr. Konstantin Reetz
Annette Kinitz

With special thanks to Bernie Krause and Kat Krause.

Funded by the Arts Counci

Clare Langan is represented by Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt.

Copyright Clare Langan 2020