Crawford Art Gallery, Cork| 14th March - 28 April 
Screening The Heart of A Tree (2020)

CINEDANS Festival | 21st March

CINEDANS FESTIVAL Film Eye Museum, Amsterdam NL21.30 Cinema room 2. Screening The Heart of A Tree, 12 minutes (2020)

Image Ouverte Festival | 1st - 4th February 

Image Ouverte Festival , The Window, Paris, The Heart of A Tree, 12 minutes (2020) The Window, 1 rue Gustave Goublier, Paris 10e

Artists' Film International | 15th January 

Artists' Film International, Tromsø International Film Festival, Tromsø Kunstforening ,Norway. Flight from the City, Clare Langan, 2015, 7 min (IE)

'Care workers': In 2021, after lockdowns were becoming the norm, the Artists' Film International network selected care as a theme for the year. As the virus rippled out across the globe, the importance of care in all of its facets became tangible, a social and environmental necessity visible at the infrastructural, economic, personal and physiological levels. At our present moment, we see care being exhibited at the most difficult times, as acts of resistance, as solidarity, as survival.

The four artists' films in this programme have been selected as they exhibit, in different forms, acts of hope, resistance and care. For TIFF, Tromsø Kunstforening presents artists' film works by Patty Chang, Kiri Dalena, Clare Langan and Polina Kanis.

Artists' Film International is a partnership of 18 international art centres that celebrates moving-image. Every year, each organisation selects a film from an artist connected to their region, based on a collectively agreed theme. TKF will show the new AFI selection, Diaspora, Jan–March.

Flight from the City, Clare Langan, 2015, 7 min (IE)

Invocation for a Wandering Lake Part 1 & 2, Patty Chang, 2016, 12 min (US)

Mag-uuma (Farmer), Kiri Dalena, 2014, 2 min (PH)

The Friendship Tree, Polina Kanis, 2021, 24 min (RU/NL)